National Hazing Policy- Chi Psi prohibits hazing in any form. Hazing is contradictory to the three fundamental purposes of the Program for Pledge Education and opposes the values upon which Chi Psi was founded. As a future member of our organization, your are obligated to uphold this prohibition. The process by which you learn about Chi Psi and become a Brother should be dignified, formative, and productive. Activity that counters this is completely inappropriate.


Rutgers Hazing Policy- The Greek community believes that true brotherhood and sisterhood is nurtured in an atmosphere of social and moral responsibility, respect for duly constituted authority, and commitment to the objectives of higher education. Furthermore, students engaging in hazing activities may subject themselves to criminal penalties. Therefore, a fraternity or sorority program which includes hazing is contrary and detrimental to the purpose of the University, the education and personal development of its students, and thus, has no place within the University and Greek community.

Alcohol – “Chi Psi does not promote the use of alcohol, and it conforms to all state, local, and University alcoholic policies.”

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2019 Officers | Alpha Rho of Chi Psi

  • Vito "The British Boy" Petitti - President, #1 

    • Cell #: (619) 993-9834

  • John "The Renaissance Man" Sauer - Recruitment Chair, #33

    • Cell #: (856) 304-8087​

  • Email us at:


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