Welcome to Chi Psi! Established in 1841 at Union College in Schenectady, New York, our fraternity has become a strong presence at twenty-nine of the country’s finest institutions of higher learning.

While navigating this site, you may come across a few terms that aren’t entirely familiar. Chi Psi doesn’t use general Greek terminology like “chapter” or “fraternity house.” Here are a few of the most commonly used Chi Psi terms:

  • Alpha: Chapter

  • Lodge: Chi Psi Property

  • #1: President of an Alpha

  • #4: Treasurer of an Alpha

  • #7: National President of Chi Psi Fraternity

  • #23: Executive Director/Secretary of Chi Psi Fraternity

The following are frequently asked questions or topics that parents and visitors have about Chi Psi and fraternity life in general.


Please contact us at: if you have any additional questions or needs.

What is fraternity life all about? 

At Chi Psi, we believe that brotherhood lasts long after one’s collegiate years so we understand that joining a fraternity is an important decision for a student. It is a commitment to live out the mission and values of the organization. Chi Psi gives our Brothers the opportunity and support to become stronger leaders, succeed academically and professionally and create lasting relationships. Chi Psi prides itself on being a family of gentlemen in pursuit of excellence.

What are the costs involved in joining Chi Psi? 

Like all membership associations participating in a Fraternity does cost money. The dues in all Chi Psi Alphas will be made up of National Fees as well as Local Dues. Check with the Greek Life office on your campus for exact totals. Also remember that your membership in Chi Psi is a great investment that provides priceless benefits.

Should I be worried about hazing or other risky activities? 

Chi Psi strictly forbids any form of hazing among our Alphas. Hazing is contradictory to the values upon which our organization, and most every fraternal organization, was founded. Chi Psi is a Titanium sponsor of HazingPrevention.Org, an organization dedicated to empowering people to prevent hazing in college and university student groups.

Chi Psi Fraternity provides abuse-prevention programming to each Alpha through its Education, Responsibility, Action Program. This program uses Chi Psi values to call for the prevention of and intervention to stop abusive behavior involving alcohol, drugs, hazing, sexual misconduct, and hate. Copies of the program materials are available by request through the Central Office.

Parents are encouraged to talk to their son about the dangers of substance abuse and hazing. Parents may also contact Chi Psi for information and tips about how to talk to their son about hazing and alcohol/drugs.  This link will provide you with additional on-line resources about substance abuse and hazing.

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2019 Officers | Alpha Rho of Chi Psi

  • Vito "The British Boy" Petitti - President, #1 

    • Cell #: (619) 993-9834

  • John "The Renaissance Man" Sauer - Recruitment Chair, #33

    • Cell #: (856) 304-8087​

  • Email us at:


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